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Guinness Draught
(2.5 stars)

Guinness Draught (adorned since 1759) with the taste of coffee, dark malts, and hints of dark chocolate finished with a dry roast bitterness is one of the most popular stouts in the U.S. Better from a tap but since I don't have it on tap at home, the can will have to do. I prefer to pour it "correctly" and drink it out of a glass - thus the Guinness Draught in a can; widget and all. To get the full Guinness Draught flavor from the bottle it should be drank from the bottle and not poured. I like the look of the never ending creamy Guinness head and lacing so I want the full effect poured into a glass - thus tap or can for me. However, if you really want to get the Guinness true stout flavor and fullness you will need to switch to the Original Guinness Extra Stout or Foreign Extra Stout. Guinness Draught has an ABV of 4.2, IBU of 40, SRM of 50.51, Calories of 126 and Carbs of 9.87.

by RealGuysReviews-JM

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Best beer ever. Thou being Irish I might be a bit bias. But still the beer EVER!!!!!!
| on Oct 10, 2011

If you want to drink a Guinness but buy that one but go to a Irish pub who will give you a real Guinness Stout
joachim | on Dec 05, 2016

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