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MAG Video Game - Playstation 3 (PS)
(5.0 stars)

Play online with friends who have headsets for THE BEST shooter experience available on any console. The level of gameplay depth and strategy is staggering. Endless hours of fun!

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Comments on this Game

I agree, to a certain degree. As far as depth and strategy it is staggering. At the same time there is a LOT of problems with a game of this magnitude, too many but I will only point some out. Let's start with graphics. To have a game of this caliber running on the PS3 the graphics were toned down dramatically. That's not an understatement. I'm talking PS2 at best. Next, we have to take into consideration the large amount of players that refuse to cooperate. Everyone tries to go there own way. Your lucky if you can get a decent game going. It is probably one of the best FPS if your looking for strategy and large battles. But good luck getting a good match going. MAG deserves 3 stars at best. Looking forward to a sequel in the future. Maybe they could get it right. But its only my opinion.
Malypso | on Jul 13, 2010

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