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M**** Effect 2
(5.0 stars)

Possibly one of the greatest RPG sequels ever made. The DLC is worth the extra money. Game has excellent gameplay, great story, and smooth graphics. The combat has been revamped to a much smoother pace. Fans of the first Mass Effect should not miss out on this one. The game has 50+ hours of gameplay, and plenty of sidequest to do. The RPG elements have been slightly toned down from the first Mass Effect but there is way more action this time around. Mass Effects gameplay and storyline are so engaging that it will be hard to put down. High replay value will keep you coming back for more. I'm currently on my third time playing it and its still as fun as the first time through. 5/5 presentation 5/5 graphics 5/5 sound 5/5 gameplay. Overall this game gets a 5 star rating in my book. *gamertag*/ Malypso

by Malypso

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