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M**** Effect 2
(5.0 stars)

Not only does Mass Effect 2 improve on the original, which was already an amazing gaming experience, it raises the bar of what is going to be expected of action RPG's from now on. As I said this is a huge improvement on the first game. Everything is more fluid and streamlined. Gone are the tedious inventory systems and health packs. Instead you have a much more dynamic action wheel and regenerating health. The cover system has also been improved. Another big feature is the character importer. If you kept your saved character from the original ME, good news, his history, appearance, even the decisions that were made can be brought into ME2 making for a much more personal experience. As for the story it picks up shortly after ME1 and has a similar structure of building a team for a mission. However, this is going to be a suicide mission with little possibility of everyone making it back alive. This keeps your team members from becoming too attached and gives the impression that they will be able to be dropped for the 3rd installment without any issue. The story itself plays out like a big budget sci-fi movie would and often times will have you on the edge of your seat. Much of this is achieved through the score, which may be one of the best I've ever heard in a video game. This is a game that gives the player the feeling that they are playing the lead role in a summer blockbuster. Another big improvement from the original is the amount of DLC. ME2 already has twice as much, all of which is pretty solid and in many cases free, with more on they way. Bottom line, if you enjoyed the first ME this is must own. If you just enjoy a good action game then it's also worth a play through. In my personal opinion this is quite possibly the best game I've ever played.

by horseofwar63

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