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Battlefield Bad Company 2
(5.0 stars)

If your looking for an action packed beautifully designed, well rounded FPS look no further. BFBC2 has it all! From destructive environments, to great gameplay. Storymode is a bit on the short side, but that shouldn't stop you from missing out on this game. This game is an online shooter that is hard to put down. 24 player online is fantastically well done. Blasting away at enemy cover to create new firing positions is what makes this game so unique.5/5 presentation. Great menus good online modes. 5/5 graphics beautiful huge level design. 5/5 Sound the best gun sound effects hands down. 5/5 gameplay easy tight controls. 5/5 lasting appeal online will keep you coming for more and now with the new online co-op download this will keep you busy for months. BFBC2 definitely gives MW2 fans a run for their money. So if you could break yourself away from MW2 to check this one out you probably won't go back. Overall this game gets a 5 star rating in my book. *Gamertag*/ Malypso

by Malypso

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The single player is okay imo. But online battles are the shit, great team wars!
FurbDude | on Jul 05, 2010

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