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********in's Creed 2
(4.0 stars)

Better than the first game in a lot of ways, prettier, more varied, and feels better over all!

Continues the story very well and has good voicework in it that really helps, still a bit wonky and stiff sometimes but a lot better!

Great environments as you this time play ön the roofs and streets of major cities in Italy, with my favourite being Venice and a certain other city you get to towards the end...

Great with the new feature in managing and rebuilding your own city but you get everything rebuilt quite fast and then have nothing to spend your money on so there is some loss of potential there. In the end hours of the game there is practically no use for money at all and that doesn't feel really rewarding. There is lots of collectibles and things to find in the game though and that is never a bad thing!


by Marklund

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