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Really interesting concept that was exicuted as porely as possible. Made by Viacom interactive which had entered the market near the end of the 16-bit era, the game was very unprofesional in all aspects. You start out as one of four simple shapes. You can move in a 3 by 3 grid with shapes moving towards you from North, West, East, South in rows of 3. You shoot at oncoming shapes taking thier form and shooting into identical shapes to destroy them. The game starst out fun but the difficulty as soon as the second level makes it feel like you need a bigger screen as action feels cut off. The speed of the shapes moving against you is to fast to soon. The whole time you think how fun it would be if you could just see 2 more rows back. The concept is novel enough to give it a few tries but it never delivers a fluid ecpierince. It was like they had a geniuse develope a concept, then gave it to a Viacom web designer and asked him to make a video game for a change. Shame.

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