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Burnout Paradise - The Ultimate Box
(4.5 stars)

Very easy to pick up racing that is fast and fun as hell and really punishing and challenging as you get towards the end of the game. Ok graphics and great feel to the controls! You always feel like you got control over the car as long as you don't drive any of the "tanks".

The game is really rewarding and full of content! It's really not that varied though and can get boring sometimes as there is only 4 types of missions to play. Free runs are nice too and the environments are good but not that varied but you can tell they really wanted to get the world believable.

Even if the graphics aren't the best the game looks wonderful and you're just going to love the crashes in this game, because believe me, there's going to be a lot of them! They are beautifully portrayed with some nice angles, slo-mo, and some totally awesome physics that will really show you exactly how the crash affects, punishes the car and sometimes totally destroys it! That's real car porno to me ;-)

This package has a really nice price tag right now and can also be bought digically over PSN straight to your HDD. This package is sadly not that "Ultimate" though as there is only an add-on with about 4 motorcycles and a few time challenges but it's over too fast, even if it's really fun and nice mode, even if it's really arcady. But the real disappointment is that there is a whole island that you can't get to, police cars, toy cars and more that you can't use or go to because you have to add them through buying the add-ons and that feels as "Ultimate" as sitting on my bed, writing this rewiew in the middle of the night! So that is quite the big draw back but still, it's än awesome package so buy it, it's so totally worth it without the additional add-ons and quite lengthy and challenging too with beatifully rendered crashes!


by Marklund

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