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WWF Super Wrestlemania
(2.0 stars)

Made by the infamous LGN known for the nes adaptation to Friday the 13th and Jaws, They released this as a Super nintendo port from Acclaim Entertainments NIntendo Entertainment system game before it. And as for the game its insanely limited even for a older game of the era only giving 4 iconic wrestlers, Hulk Hogan, "Macho Man" Randy Savage, Jake "The Snake" Roberts, And The Undertaker. Generally offering very little in entertainment other then the same form of the game only have 3 wrestling modes and 2 options "1 player vs cpu" or "2 players" with "one on one", "Tag Team" or "Survivor series are on both options so 2 players doesn't really add any uniqueness, Controls are downright confusing and i somwtimes just move my fingers around like i'm having a seizure to see results from my charecter. Its not anything i recommend picking up even for cheap unless its being collected for cheap. Overall could've been better especially with the wrestlers themselves in the game

by Napalm Man

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