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Super Mario 64
(4.5 stars)

Super Mario 64 was Mario's leap in 3d OMG! This is the game that made me get a n64 well this and goldeneye. I really can't say that much about a game that is so close to perfection. All I can say is if you have a n64 PLAY IT. If you don't have it go on eBay and buy it now. One and only problem I have is where is Luigi I know it was plained to have a two player but was scrapped why :( 4.5/5

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Comments on this Game

Well I have Super Mario 64 DS and Luigi is on that one. I have played the original as
well :)
Candy | on Feb 03, 2013

All I can say is to fault Super Mario 64 for not including Luigi is quite minor compared to the actual short length of the game to begin with. They could've made it longer buy due to time constraints things were scrapped. Like candy said SM64 DS is the better option now as it feels like what should've been all those years ago
AfterAnAutopsy | on Feb 03, 2013

I know right, I like the DS version better :)
Candy | on Feb 03, 2013

The DS version to me did not feel the same
| on Feb 05, 2013

Its not supposed to feel the same its an update and an improvement to the core game. Its better than the original
AfterAnAutopsy | on Feb 09, 2013

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