iPhone Casino App

iPhone Casino App Video Poker and Slot Machine players, keep track of your gambling sessions the next time you're playing in a casino.

Analyze stats like Best Sessions, Win/Loss by Game, Win/Loss by Casino, Win/Loss by Machine and Win/Loss by Denomination.

Email your playing session data to yourself in CSV format to analyze further using a spreadsheet on your computer.

Backup your data to our server and restore if you lose or change your phone.

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Fields Tracked:
• Date/Time of Session
• Casino
• Location (ex: 4th seat near elevator)
• Game Name (ex: Deuces Wild, Triple Lucky Sevens...)
• Denomination Played (25c, $1, $5...)
• Machine Number (ex: HR04 D0001...)
• Notable Win ($1,200+)
• Amount In
• Cash Out
• Notes

Available on the iPhone App Store (FREE)