Explore and create virtual objects around your physical location like messages, emergency alerts, news, events, reviews, games. View geospatial data from Wikipedia, Eventful, and Upcoming. Start a GeoBlog on your GPS-enabled phone.

This is the core Metosphere Android app. The goal is to follow the Firefox/Eclipse model and provide the ability to create extensions and add-ons like a Geocaching Assistant, Location Messaging Client, Proximity-based KML/GeoRSS Reader, Flash Mob Communicator, Community/Campus Emergency Alert Notifier, or even a Meatspace MUD game.

View a web interface to the Metosphere here


Latest version(prototype): metosphere.apk (Version 0.43 for the M5 SDK)
Older versions: Version 0.43 for the M5 SDK
Version 0.40 for the M3 SDK

Download and install this app by typing adb install Metosphere.apk
(after installing the Android SDK/Emulator. Version m5-rc15 or later)


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