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2008 vieux chateau certan Cabernet Sauvignon
(3.5 stars)

the texture is classic , with plum , fresh mushroom and berry aromas and flavors , full and round , very long and fresh , fresh mushroom excellent color , fruit flavor , aromatic expression and texture , dense , spice and black currant fruits , sliced plums, full bodied , perfumed notes of cedar , charocals , herbs , black and red fruits , compex aromatics , moderate tannins , 典型香氣: 黑莓, 黑李子 , 英國傳統蛋糕, 巧克力, 草莓, 紅漿果, 簿荷 , 酒體飽滿, 單寧含量和酸度中等, 風格柔和 , 焦皮革味, 單寧結實, 口感甜美, 帶礦物味, 非常完美順滑, 口腔回味的持久力強

by crystal

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