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Backwoods Bastard
(4.5 stars)

Strong scent if sweet cherries with slight plum undertones. Very faint hint of caramel emerges as it warms up.

Deep reddish brown hue.

A thick mouthfeel delivers the malt sweetness in a nice slow fashion. Sweet chocolate and caramels notes give way to a cool bourbon aftertaste. Everything is followed by the nice burn from the high alcohol content a slight lingering coco bitterness.

A very complex and enjoyable beer. The aging in bourbon barrels has added a nice flavor, blending perfectly with the thick malt flavors in the base. Definitely a good beer for sitting out a blizzard with a warm fire.

by txterror618

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Great sipping beer in front of the fireplace, founders did a good job with this one. Cheers.
mr. lupo | on Dec 27, 2010

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